fashion, lifestyle & more in second life.

about the group

mcdowellsgroup is a startup group in the virtual community Second Life®. The group was founded by the McDowell siblings Sam McDowell and Evangeline McDowell in the year of 2019.

Out interest is Blogging for Creators in Second Life. Next to this we offer a service that creators and their customers profit at the same time. Firstly, we allow creators a new way of marketing their products. We offer the possibility to sell their products on a „franchise basis“ in our Store. Of course, all of the revenue goes directly to the creator. In addition, we develop a product review with a detailed description in the format of a blog on our homepage. This get supplemented with our social media accounts. (current Facebook, Flickr, Instagram)

The customers of the creators benefit as well. Similar to events, you can test and buy the various products in our Store before they get published.

fashion, lifestyle & more.

our main focus is on trends in fashion. We think its important to use every kind of avatar. In addition to typical styles for adults, our offer is also aimed at teenagers, children and animals. We also try to adapt seasonally and a lot od themes. Our service includes regular serveys in which we respond to the wishes and ideas of our customers. Then we provide them to the creators.

Our Members

Owner, Blogger
Sam Damien McDowell

Hi, my name is Sam. (sammcdowell resident) I’m living in Germany. My avatar is 18 years old. I’m just an ordinary boy exploring the mad world of SL, and l love what I’ve found. I am using SL for fun. My favorit things are exploring sims, take photos, hanging around with family and friends with included roleplaying. My username if you want to contact please feel free to add me or send me an IM.

Evangeline Anastasia Katherine McDowell

Hey Guys, it’s Evangeline (derjoghurt resident). I’m from Germany and my avatar is 18 years old. Throw Linden out the window? I love it! I’m addicted to insiping myself. I love shopping, I love to try new things and I love it to share this content. Oh I also love food, so if you know a good place, contact me. Well, I like it to meet some new People. I’m crazy, I’m a person you can go and steal horses with me.


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