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mcdowellsgroup is a group created by the McDowell-family. The great interest in current styles, hip cultures in the virtual community Second life, and the sharing of content like this, Sam and Evangeline have decide to start a group. On this Blog you’ll find some inspirations about current clothing styles of different popular shops, interessing ideas for leisure activities and much more.

Questions? Check out our About page, you might find some Information about our Group and the Members there. If you don’t and you’d like to get in touch with us or send some feedback about our work, feel free to use the contact page.


Fashion is not just about pants and shirts. To the actally clothing products you have to try a variety of hip styles adapted to the current fashion. With hairstyles and unique accessories we would like to give you some new ideas. This category includes avatar components like skins and shapes.


Which color gets the wall of my living room? What can I do in my freetime? Where is the best beach to relax? Many questions. Opportunities for activities in your freetime and ideas for your home are just a small parts of this category.